Prepare your list of places to dine on Providenciales. Then double check it against Mandy Rostance Wolf’s latest restaurant reviews and our listings. Ready, set GO! And it’s WHALE Watching time in the TCI. While you’re spotting spouts and flapping fins, learn about why the mighty whale can dive and leap. By the way, to date whales have been spotted off every inhabited island in the TCI so no matter where you are, you could see one or more of the majestic giants.

And for those who are as concerned as we are, please read and pass on Don Stark’s argument against captive dolphins here in the TCI, or anywhere else for that matter. Read up on North and Middle Caicos complete with a MAP for your exploration. You might also keep an eye out for Kim Mortimer's migrating birds. For the shoppers, there are lots of new and fabulous finds in the shops this season so take a break from the beach and go treasure hunting. You might also want to take a peak at the incredible cornucopia of spa treatments that you really should try, again and again. Don’t miss a thing on your vacation in paradise - be sure to read our March/April issue.