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Humpback whales will be on the move through our near shore waters in late winter. Big Blue Collective’s Philip Shearer provides the story and photos of these gentle giants which we are so lucky to see each year.

We are also just a thirty minute ferry ride from North and Middle Caicos. A day trip to these islands is a real eye-opener about our history and culture. These islands are the antithesis of hustle and bustle, so don’t miss out on their ambience of serenity. We have included a convenient MAP of North and Middle, to help you navigate the roads to shops and dining establishments and beaches.

Pick up your copy of Where When How’s winter issue at your resort, restaurant, fine shops and the Graceway food stores. (It’s got JoJo and “Things to Do” right smack dab on the cover, so you can’t miss it!) Have a happy and healthy 2020!